'A Day-in-Your-Life' Photography

'A Day-In-Your-Life'... is a series of reportage or documentary photographic images which endeavours to tell the story of that special day in yours or your family's life.

My background is from a world of international photojournalism where I covered contemporary stories around the world for national, international and a host of leading magazines. From national disasters like the tsunami in Asia to Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, to conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. I also worked for many years with leading NGO's around the world on campaign's that dealt with health and poverty issues. I now bring these photographic sensibilities to a more localised arena.

Have you ever wished you could have had professional photographs taken of yourself when you were younger, participating in your favourite sport or involved in something special to you?

Imagine having a beautiful pictorial record of yourself or your loved ones competing in a musical event, special family event, or even a once in a lifetime holiday? In 5, 10 15 years, these pictures become even more important. Life is short, this is your unique opportunity in having one of your own life's many short stories preserved for ever.

Kitesurfing in Hunstanton-25.JPG

Unforgettable memories, captured forever

Having a visual record of something that you hold dearly, recording that once-in-a-lifetime event, by a professional who can capture those precious moments brilliantly, moments in your life that will rarely ever happen again, these precious moments are there, caught forever on film.

I also strive to deliver photos that show families’ love for each other. You can either decide on a three-hour at home photo sessions which are always relaxed and fun. All I ask is for families to be themselves. Day in the Life storytelling photo sessions last between 6 and 8 hours and are as crazy and busy as you are that day.

There are hundreds of beautiful occasions that would lend themselves perfectly to producing beautiful and contemporary documentary style photo books, photographed in either beautiful black and white or vivid colour; you will treasure these photo books forever, eventually passing them down to your families next generation.

My role is to record your day in the most discreet and unobtrusive way, a fly on the wall documentary of your special day.

So get in touch if you have a special event coming up that you'd like covered, and let's discuss how I can become your family photographer,  assembling creative, beautifully produced 'One day in your life' photo stories just for you and your family.