Studio Luxe Pricing 

I've endeavour to make my pricing as simple as possible by only offering a small range of packages. These packages reflect what I feel is the best offers available. You’re getting great value for your money, which equates to beautiful timeless photography of you and your loved ones.




Your Photo Session


Once you’ve made your decision to book me for your portrait session, either click the 'LEARN MORE HERE' button at the bottom of the page, or give me a call on 07701613934 and ask for John. We'll then have a nice chat to get to know each other a little. I'll answer any queries you might have about your day, discussing what to wear and also choosing the perfect venue for you or any other location you might have in mind. I'm also happy to suggest some of my own if you'd like. This helps us both to feel comfortable, and relaxed with each other. Connecting is part of the fun and an informal way to help built links between us, which in turn will help us produce great pictures.

My sessions are pretty casual and relaxed, running to about an hour and a half, which I'll produce a range of different shots of you, giving you clear direction and pointers for you to follow along the way. Nothing is forced, the sessions all flow perfectly, if you feel relaxed and happy, that's when we get the best, most genuine photos from you.




The booking process

So I’m going to keep it simple, I offer a maximum of 2 hours for all photo shoots, whether it's a studio based beauty or glamour fashion portrait, a professional business portrait, modelling fashion portraits or a lifestyle photo shoot. The only exception to this is when I'm booked for a-day-in-your-life documentary photo sessions, but these don’t usual last longer then 3 hours. 

All sessions are priced at £125 and payable at the time of booking, this also secures your spot.

I also offer gift vouchers at any value that you’d like.

You can then choose one of the 3 package options to purchase, which you can pay with a credit or debit card or through PayPal purchase options on-line or by contacting me.




What to Expect After your Photo Shoot


I offer easy purchasing options for each of my portrait categories.   

With the exception of my classic black white and glamour fashion portraits which are sold in print only collections, I won’t sit down with you after our session, unless you request I do, which is perfectly fine, but instead I will place all the best images, around 30 or so images, all beautifully re-touched on my online gallery.

Now here’s the good part, once the images are ready for viewing and purchasing online, you will be able to save up to 30% off for the first 48hrs on digital orders(depending which digital package you purchase). I also offer beautiful Fine Art wall display’s for your home or office, these come in various sizes starting from 20x16, 20x24 and a beautiful 24x30 collage which is just so very special!  

There is also the option of a payment plan if this is more helpful for you. Get in touch, click the ‘LEARN MORE HERE'’ button below or give me a call  John on 07710 613 934  so we can discuss just what you need. I'm really looking forward to meeting up with you very soon. 


Mandy Inniss

Digital Purchasing Packages 


1. The ‘I can’t decide, I’ll take the lot’ Package


Entire high resolution digital collection (35+ images) 

5x7 Print of every image ordered


(Price returns to £1,450 after 48hr sale) 


Clare Ward


2. The ‘I’d love a few pics for around the house’ Package


10 high resolution digital images 

5x7 Print of every image ordered


(Price returns to £990 after 48hr sale) 


The Arger Fen and Spouse's Vale

3. The ‘I’m on a budget’ Package


5 high resolution digital images 

5x7 Print of every image ordered


(Price returns to £545 after 48hr sale)