My Photo Shoot with Billy Ocean

During my years living and working full time in London, I put together my first portrait project entitled 'Black Britannia'.

This collection of images was my small response to all the negativity and bad Press the black community where receiving seemingly every week back in 2005 onwards. 

I'd met many black Britons through my photographic assignments, some who had been inspirational to me during the different stages of my life, and others who I'd admired and wanted to include in my project. This image is of Billy Ocean who was at one stage during the 1980's was the UK highest earning entertainer due to his hits in America and the UK. 

I met Billy at a function in London and got chatting with him. He was such a lovely, positive and interesting person, telling me a little about his history, his musical heroes, including his musical family roots when growing up. Billy took the name Ocean from the East End estate where he grew up. He agreed to be part of my project and insisted that I take his portrait in London 's East End, where he grew up in the late 60's & 70's. He had a tough up bringing in London, but it's also where he found his musical calling.



Black Britannia photo Series

I'm so happy Billy agreed to take part in my project, a genuinely lovey man and I wish him continued success with his music career.