Why Collaborating with other local vendors is so much fun, as well as beneficial for each other.

This is a post I wanted to shared with you all, written by Mandy Errington the Owner of Deja Vu boutique. Deja Va is a ‘chic & unique’ shopping experience based in central Ipswich, selling fantastic, distinctive designer inspired fashion lines, bags, accessories and jewellery. We teamed up recenty for a special fashion shoot that I wanted to put together, highlight some of Mandy's great fashion collections.

When the journey began for Déjà Vu Boutique in 2012, it seems we were destined to be in the limelight from the outset. In the very early days of opening, our Suffolk based Boutique featured in fashion iconic magazine ‘VOGUE’ as an up and coming independent retailer.  To enhance our accolades (over the years) we’ve gained valuable exposure at high-profile fashion shows and coverage across a variety of media channels. As a destination, we’ve always prided ourselves on sourcing and selling unique individual styles and niche labels, in fashion, handbags, accessories and jewellery – not typical of the high street chains. This we firmly believe is what continues to be popular amongst our clients near and far, as well as keeping us on the map.

As a successful boutique in Ipswich, we’ve sponsored and worked with many businesses and attracted those who wish to work in partnership with us, to deliver something impactful as a collaborative team in a variety of capacities. When we are approached by John Ferguson, an influential businessman who is much more than a photographer, an extremely talented entrepreneur, with obvious professionalism and a true expert in his field, we jumped at the chance to team up to work with alongside him and his creative team.  As the founder and director of  ‘John Ferguson Photography’ and Studio Luxe, (an off-shoot company which is dedicated to producing model portfolios, commercial and editorial fashion/lifestyle shoots) John has more recently ventured out to work with like-minded companies, fashion houses, agencies and models to produce something more than ‘just another photograph’! Déjà Vu fits this bill perfectly and we readily agreed to get on board with Studio Luxe, as we too love to get involved with people as passionate about fashion and image as us, and creating something special. We devised a theme called ‘equanimity’… and so the creative process was begun. Equanimity means composure, calmness, possession, self-control, even-temperedness, coolness and also serenity. Our clothing lines for the shoot were quite specifically selected and tailored to emulate softness, light textures and tones.

Three beautiful models were selected and made up to flawless perfection and directed so that the theme was encapsulated using the very latest techniques and effects. Fabulous team effort all round and the end results, simply stunning! Each and every photograph was taken was considered so we could achieve the exact look and feel to embrace the theme, that touch of class and glamour was truly captured in a unique way and the album speaks volumes. A day of fashion directing, filming, engaging and discovering the talent amongst us. We very much look forward to teaming up again with Studio Luxe in the foreseeable future.

Watch this space for the unique fashion projects Déjà Vu Boutique will be getting involved in throughout the year.

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