Build it and they will come

Cundall engineering consultancy - Birmingham

I’ve heard it said that personal recommendations are the No.1 most trusted form of advertising. I’ve been in business many years now and can attest to this statistic; your clients’ recommendations are the most potent source of referrals you have. So building your word-of-mouth marketing, making it easy for clients to share your business with other businesses and friends is crucial for all new start-ups and younger enterprises.

But how does one achieve this? There are many steps that I've adopted and some that I’ve dismissed in my aim to establish my brand over the years. Probably the three most obvious steps every new young company needs to take is understanding how to provide;

A) A good experience for your client. 

B) Excellent service. 

C) A great final product for your client. 

Having a client return to you for repeat work is the lifeblood of any business. I have benefited greatly from this approach, with the knock-on effect leading to other openings and new clients. But it's knowing your client's needs and expectations before each shoot, that is the key. Understanding their brief and helping your client by visualising and articulating their needs and sometimes, if possible coming up with alternative ideas and solutions is invaluable for your clients, and ultimately for you’re own business. I recently received a call from Cundall, a significant international multi-disciplinary consulting engineering firm. A PR client of mine recommended me, and although the majority of Cundall's photographic commissions are predominantly architectural, on this occasion, they needed “fresh and contemporary” lifestyle and people images for a series of new promotional and marketing articles for their website.  

I love the challenge of working with new clients and businesses; you're work can only benefit and progress from new assignments, commissions, campaigns and projects. Providing a good experience for your clients establishes your brand and creates a sense of exclusivity for your clients; helping to carry your brand with you into each client session and with potential new businesses.

Cundall's engineering consultancy services, Images of the new office in central Birmingham. Pictures shows: A selcetion of lifestyle business pictures featuring employess from their new Birmingham office, plus images of the office and it's new staircase.
A new £1 million upgrade of Fifteen Colmore Row. Cundall was part of the project team that delivered the improvements, which included new signage, cleaning the building’s façade, refurbishing the common areas and upgrading the office suite on the second floor to include new toilet and shower facilities and a new heating and cooling system.