Working on Small things big difference Campaign for The East of England Co-Op

I had a great assignment last summer working with the creative agency Jacob Bailey who are based in Ipswich and London. Pete Seymour their creative director call me to check on my availability, enquiring if I would like to work on a new campaign for the East of England Co-Op. 

The commission involved photographing twenty environmental portraits stories featuring a diverse cross-section of individuals from the Eastern region. From Pig Farmers, Rapeseed Oil producers, to a Bee Keeper and honey producer. Also included in the twenty were some of the companies loyal customers, and others from the Co-Op's own businesses such as Travel agents, opticians, funeral service directors, to building service team members. The remit of the campaign was "Let’s feature colleagues, make heroes of them, photograph them, and tell their stories!” 

By telling these stories on the record, the cooperative society hopes to demonstrate how they make a difference – and believes the campaign will run and run as there will always be different stories to tell.

I had such a good time of this commission, from struggling with 100's baby pigs pecking at my clothes to being covered from head to foot by Bees, helping to pick fresh Asparagus to singing Jerusalem in an all women's choir. 

It was also so perfect for me as it gave me a chance to visit parts of Suffolk & Norfolk that I'd heard of but not had the opportunity to visit. I was also able to scout a few great (photographic) locations for future reference, bonus! Driving around the Suffolk countryside during the summer months is something I love doing, stopping at various points and spots, I found some great tucked away places, all logged for future visits.  

The job did throw-up a few problems and issues, but overall I had a really great time working for the first time with the Jacob Bailey Creative team, and one which I hope to work with again with in the future.  

 See more here on the Co-Op's webpage here: